covered in sharpie and suing for peace by adam johnson



covered in sharpie and suing for peace

191 pgs.

Adam Johnson is a top rank contender in the octagon of outsider lit. He has established himself as one who can hold his own at live readings, always crushing it with manic recitations of his poems. This collection of poetry grapples readers with a singular voice that is wilding out and at the same time remains intellectually fulfilling. Adam is a black belt in poetry. His eclectic style is influenced by the masters Voltaire, William Thackeray, Celine, Hans Fallada, Kafka, and Burroughs. Don’t challenge his dojo. These words are ground and pound right from the bell.

my dentist was found guilty of
wire fraud and has one hell of
a drinking problem and his
left arm is heavier than his right
from ages of pornography and
cleaning and firing and
cleaning and firing
his Mossberg lol.

While Adam Johnson refers here to his guilty dentist, the professional of ill repute, these words could just as easily describe Larson, a recurring character that is present in the poem. Whether commenting on life’s absurdity or sinking into madness, Larson is present in each environment and brings along the actions and behaviors that only Larson can conjure. This poem has proven itself to be meditation on social abnormality.


Adam Johnson lives in Minnesota. His work has been published by esteemed online literary journals such as Hobart, ExPat, Misery Tourism, Don’t Submit, and Apocalypse Confidential. Adam is the author of the novel Cialis, Verdi, Gin, Jag (Anxiety Press/Prism Thread Books) and the poetry collections What Are You Doing Out Here Alone, Away from Everyone (HASH Press) and White Paint Falling Through a Filtered Shaft (Anxiety Press). Pig Roast Publishing is pleased to present Adam’s latest work of poetry Covered in Sharpie and Suing for Peace.

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