We are opening Submissions again starting August 1, 2024 – ?

Submission Guidelines

Please follow these instructions when submitting your work. Failure to do so will delay our response and may lead to your submission being turned down. This sounds stuffy because we cut and pasted it.  If you make a mistake, we understand, but try. 

Manuscript Format: 

  1. Use 12-point type
  2. Use a serif font; the best choice is Times New Roman
  3. Double space your manuscript
  4. No extra space between paragraphs (unless artistically intentional)
  5. Only one space between sentences
  6. Indent each paragraph half an inch 
  7. Black text on a white background only
  8. One-inch margins (the default in Word)

Submissions must be in .doc format, no exceptions.

We use Microsoft Word to read and edit submissions. Don’t send PDFs or other formats and please do not copy and paste your submission into your email. 

Submissions must be original works that have not been published elsewhere. If you have a pitch that includes previously published material put this in the body of your submission email. 

Simultaneous submissions are fine, if your work is accepted elsewhere, please be quick about informing us and withdrawing.

How to Submit

Send all submissions via e-mail to Twitter/X users may send questions via direct message to @PigPublishing 

In the title of your e-mail please include: your name, the title of your work, followed by the genre. Example – Jeff Schneider, Psychiatric Tissues (The Arab On Radar Book), Memoir. 

In the body of your e-mail, please include the following: 

A brief synopsis of your work (250 words or less).

A short (100 words or less) biography written in the third person, containing links to your website, social media accounts, books, or anything else you want us to know about you. Do not tell us about your dog. 


We are and will always be in the red. The current literary environment is not conducive to big profit. We typically use a DiY model of 50/50 profit after book sales cover the initial cost of manufacturing. For authors on tour, we usually allow 100% of sales to go to a travelling soul who needs money for breakfast or whatnot. 

We will consider purchasing your manuscript if the situation is ideal. Pitch us your thoughts on that at the appropriate time in the process. 


We have a unique benefit of coming from the underground music scene. There are many amazing artists we have personal relationships with who can help your book be the best art it can be. The aesthetic choices are a collaborative effort and we can offer a really cool menu of options. You will not get cookie cutter garbage from us. 

All Submissions Will Receive a Response 

It may take a few weeks for us to respond to your submission, but if you send it, we will respond.

If for some reason we don’t respond to you within a month, send us a follow-up email. You may feel free to nag if you feel you may have been forgotten. 

If your work is a good fit for Pig Roast Publishing, we will be happy to put out your book. Think – Outsider/Transgressive fiction or poetry. It must be weird and cool. If there is a better place for your story please send it there. We do not appreciate playing second fiddle or being considered a dumpster for stuff just laying around. Please write for the press and give us something that we can believe in, with you, for all time. 

We look forward to reading what you send us! 

Thank you,